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Analysis of Washington Post police-shootings data reveals surprising result

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Watts Up With That?

Note: While not the usual fare of WUWT, after some discussion with Mr. Eschenbach, I decided that this was an impartial data analysis, and that publishing it would be a public service that may be helpful in these troubled times. However, given the sensitive and inflammatory nature of the subject matter in the context of today’s events, I’ve decided not to allow comments on this article. The data speaks for itself, and the goal here is to present the data analysis minus the rhetoric the topic will generate. I take no position on the topic, but I do feel that better data presentation leads to better understanding of problems, and this data presentation may be helpful to many. There are other forums where I’m certain this data and the results will be discussed. – Anthony Watts

When Arrests Go Bad

Guest Essay by Willis Eschenbach

I got to thinking about…

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