The Church Building: Is it a blessing or a curse?

If there were no church buildings, would the disciples of Christ in a community be fussing and fragmenting over whether or not we may eat in the church building? Would we be having debates over whether or not a church building may have a kitchen? Would we be fuming over whether or not a woman could stand at the Table and pass Communion trays to people in pews? Etc. Etc. As the people of God migrated from the marketplace to the meeting place, they increasingly formulated legislation governing every aspect of what could and couldn’t occur in these church buildings. And the warring began. Think about it: most of what disciples of Christ fuss, fight and fragment over is with respect to what differing sects within Christendom believe can and/or can’t occur within the church building during the “worship service” on Sunday. The “issues” of today were likely never contemplated in the early church, for most of our issues are building-centered, rather than Body-centered.

The Church Building.

From Al Maxey’s “Reflections”


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