Lies My Pastor Told Me: Speak it Into Existence

The lie that we can speak things into existence is no different than the lie the Serpent told Eve. It tells us we can be like God. We can’t. Regardless of what we say—or don’t say—God’s will prevails. Always. This should not frustrate us. It should comfort us. Because God’s will is not only to bring himself his greatest glory but also to bring us our greatest good. He has done just that by providing everything we need through his Word, Jesus Christ, who has rescued us from sin, Satan, death, and eternal judgment. God has spoken something truly amazing into existence: our righteousness and salvation. Like the light that broke into the dark of nothingness, our righteousness comes directly from God, through Jesus Christ.




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2 responses to “Lies My Pastor Told Me: Speak it Into Existence

  1. Jay

    Once I worked under a pastor who had gone through a couple of splits, and one Sunday he said from the pulpit that all those people leaving was “necessary because God wanted to PURGE them out.” His exact words.

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