Bumper to Bumper on the Road to Emmaus | Patrick Mead

  1. After a lifetime of Veggie Tales level Bible lessons with cute Arks and smiling animals, our people find themselves unprepared for the deep, dark matters of life. When all parables and Jesus stories are boiled down to predictable aphorisms and bumper-sticker morals, faith is too shallow, too rootless to survive much of a blast.
  2. When worship is non-participative and too predictable, full of shallow prayers or songs that do not connect to the lives and souls of those in attendance, those who feel disconnected…disconnect.
  3. When we have made our Bibles into gods, declaring them the very words of God, dictated to scribes who then passed them on to us perfect in every way we set up our faith and that of our children for failure. When they run across the genocides in Joshua or the Documentary Hypothesis or see how the Bible came together here and there with re-edits and redactors, they wonder why they should believe anything at all. They have been taught to believe their Bible and we neglected to tell them to believe, instead, the One to whom the Bible leads us.
  4. When we insist on non-salvation issues as matters of faith and marks of faithfulness (six day creation, young earth creationism, music styles, church organization styles, and many, many more come to mind) we set ourselves and our children up for a trip to Emmaus when new facts come to light that destroy the old paradigms we/they were told came straight from God.
  5. When churches abuse or are run as private kingdoms or when they fail to encourage and nurture their members and their communities, people leave.
  6. In short, when our faith is in anything other than Jesus, we are set up for a road trip away from the community.

Bumper to Bumper on the Road to Emmaus | Patrick Mead.


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