Country Where Parents are Killing Their Own Children

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If evaluated by the number of innocent children falsely branded as witches and killed by their superstitious parents and relatives, Nigeria is a country that has sunk deep into a spiritual and moral darkness. Self-styled pastors, prophets and evangelists are perpetuating this darkness through their manipulative deliverance churches and ministries. A number of those religious gurus preach their own brand of “prosperity gospel” that makes their parishioners ever poorer, while filling the pockets and accounts of the pastors with incomes that are obscene in the light of the overwhelming Nigerian poverty.

This is possible because Nigeria is a country, and not the only one in the neighborhood, where Christianity has the blended with native paganism, occultism and demonism of many kinds. In many churches in Nigeria deliverance services do not look in any way different from pagan séances; nor their Christian “spirit filled” worship services look much different from the…

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