Ten Forgotten Ways to Teach Politeness to Children

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It’s 2014.  The days of children standing around with excellent posture in their bow ties and stiff dresses are over.  Our hip and modern kids may be running around with mismatched socks and spiked up hair, but that doesn’t mean that we have to abandon teachings that help our kids be well liked by other children and adults.  I’m not talking about popularity here.  I’m talking about helping our kids give a good impression wherever they go.  After all, the Bible says that even a child is known by his actions.  Not every day is going to be a rip roaring success when trying to teach our children politeness, but if we are consistent, we will eventually see them get it right more than they get it wrong.  And, when they have successful and pleasant encounters with others, we are setting them up to be more successful in life.  These…

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