Sunday night’s “God Hates Divorce” sermon

To those of you who sat through Sunday night’s  “God Hates Divorce” sermon (you know who you are) here are some other thoughts on that topic.

Divorce and Remarriage

Perplexing questions about divorce and remarriage bring unending debate. Conclusions reached and judgments imposed are the cause of much pain, uncertainty, and crippling discouragement. Extreme convictions allow some to pass severe judgment on others. Some congregations demand conformity to authoritarian pronouncements, and they publicly denounce other congregations that allow individual freedom. However, many who have sought to bind their severe, unbending convictions begin to open their minds to further study and search for grace when they or their children become victims of divorce. Proud finger-pointing becomes humbling when they must point to themselves.

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3 responses to “Sunday night’s “God Hates Divorce” sermon

  1. Angela

    When I saw “God Hates Divorce” in red LED on the church sign last week I cringed! I understand that was the sermon title, but seriously…is that what you want to shout at people as they zip down Race Street? I couldn’t get it out of my mind all day long. I just imagined how that would make me feel if I were an unchurched divorcee, or someone who’s marriage was on the brink of disaster, or someone who may even be a member at College who already feels like a second-class citizen. Not very welcoming is it?

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