Remembering Coach Boyd Tingle

Boyd Monroe Tingle, 82, of Rim Rock Ranch, Wimberley, Texas, formerly of Pasadena, Wharton, and University of Houston football 1946-1950, passed away November 15, 2008.

Visitation will be at 5:00 p.m., with rosary at 7:00 p.m., on Friday, November 21, at Pennington Funeral Home. Memorial services will be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, November 22, at St. Jude’s Chapel, Catholic Student Center, Texas State University.

Arrangements by Pennington Funeral Home, San Marcos, TX. (512) 353-4311.

Some words that come from memories of long ago describe Coach Tingle. Tough! Determined! Hard as a rock! All business! Rugged!

A picture in my mind. Dark complexion, wavy jet black hair. In the days before “coaching shorts”, working the lineman in his old football pants and a worn practice jersey on the practice field behind the field house at Brazosport’s Hopper Field.

Those were the days, my friend!



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3 responses to “Remembering Coach Boyd Tingle

  1. Roger

    Boyd and Pat were special people to a lot of us, not involved in sports. We were the Chapelwood Methodist crowd from Houston, who came to Boyd and Pat’s “Rim Rock Ranch” back in the sixties and seventies as high-school kids learning how to sing, under the tutelage of Ray and Betty Evans.

    The Tingle’s were hosts that this now fifty-something camper remembers well, as well as his last visit sometime in the mid-1980’s when I found Boyd and Pat still living on the old “Rim Rock.”

    I hope that Pat knows that Boyd and her made such a difference in a lot of us “citified” folks lives back during those interesting times, by inviting and hosting us at their little ranch to learn how to sing, worship and find our own way in God’s Kingdom.

    God Bless you Boyd!
    Roger Mitchell
    Rim Rock camper with Chapelwood UMC

    • Tricia Tingle

      I want to thank you for you kind and sincere words about my father. He loved the Chappelwood Choir. My mother still has pictures of the choir in the living room at Rim Rock. She no longer lives there but lives in San Marcos. Thank you for your post. I just found it.
      With sincere appreciation, Tricia Tingle

  2. Bart Oxspring

    Boyd and Pat were always gracious hosts who seemd to sincerely care about the character development of young people.

    I was one of the many campers who visited Rimrock Ranch as a Wesley choir member from Chapelwood over the years. The special week spent there each summer was always one looked forward to each year. Boyd and Pat were special friends of Ray and Betty Evans and of the choir and seemed to always make sure to attend our concerts and even visited us in Houston on occasion.

    I was saddened to hear of Boyd’s passing. However, I realize that as generous hosts, the Tingles facilitated many positive impacts on the lives of teenagers and counselors from Chapelwood. Christ’s love and life lessons were continually revealed to us at Rimrock Ranch.

    Bart Oxspring
    Wesley Choir 1982-1987
    Chapelwood UMC

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