Just A Christian

Comedian Emo Philips tells a story.

“In conversation with a person I recently met, I asked, ‘Are you a Protestant or Catholic? ‘

My new acquaintance replied, ‘Protestant.”

I said, ‘Me, too! ‘What franchise?’

He answered,’Baptist.’

‘Me, too!’ I said. Northen Baptist or Southern Baptist?’

“Northern Baptist,’ he replied.

‘Me, too!’ I shouted.

We continued to go back and forth. Finally I asked, Northern conservative fundamentalist Baptist, Great Lakes Region, Council of 1879 or Northern conservative fundamentalist Baptist, Great Lakes Region, Council of 1912?’

He replied, ‘Northen conservative fundamentalist Baptist, Great Lakes Region, Council of 1912.’

I said, ‘Die, heretic!”

Thomas Campbell found himself a member of the Old Light, Anti-Burgher, Seceeder branch of the Presbyterian church of Scotland when he decided to be simply a Christian. In the same way, you and I might be sitting on our usual pew when we decide to quit thinking of ourselves as a member of the “Pro-Cooperation, Amillennial, Weekly Communion, Immersionist, Acappella, Restoration Movement Church of Christ! (Please understand that I am using this as if it were a distinctive name of some kind!) and we begin to be a citizen of the entire church – all the way to the very edge of the borders!



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6 responses to “Just A Christian

  1. David Underwood

    Shannon, welcome to the bloggin community, brother! I look forward to reading your insights and gaining wisdom from you as I do from ALL the blogs that I read. They are a blessing to me, and I am sure this one will be also.

    Keep em coming!


  2. ses21643

    Thanks for dropping by! I have enjoyed reading your posts over the last few months and look forward to more. (could do without the ‘Bama stuff 🙂


  3. Which emergent church leader describes himself as a protestant of protestants? I think that description is very enlightening.

    We have a lot of Arkansas connections. God bless your ministry!

  4. shannon

    I am honored to have you comment as you are only #2 on my new blog as I am just getting started at this.

    I am long ago friends of the Cheatham (Terry) and Johnston (Jeff) families.

    I am not sure I know the answer to your question


  5. Distinctions are what make us distintcive! Hogwash on the exclusionaries. Profound huh. And that’s some of my deeper stuff. Look forward to reading your posts. D.U. put me onto you…

  6. shannon

    My spam filter marked your comment. Not sure yet how all this works.

    Maybe it was sooie = pig = ham = spam or something like that.

    Anyway, since you come with a reference from DU, I have cleared the way for you. 🙂

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