Is God safe?

Some quotes from an outstanding post by Patrick Mead

Is God safe? According to many TV preachers and “health and wealth” promoters, He is! Just do what we tell you, give what we tell you give, and God will automatically bless you! He HAS to, they say. And they are wrong.

Did God create us to be safe and constantly happy? Sure, He put us in the Garden of Eden but how did that work out for us? Adam and Eve immediately went snake hunting. That’s who we are — snake hunters in paradise. Now we are out of the garden where it is hard to walk without tripping over a snake. We need to accept that fact and conduct ourselves accordingly.

Jesus didn’t say that bad things might happen to his followers, but that bad things WOULD happen to them and to their families because they followed him. It reminds me of the poster I saw at USMC Recruiting Depot, Parris Island. “We’d promise you sleep deprivation, mental torment and muscles so sore you’ll puke, but we don’t want to sugarcoat things.”

Put your life into play. (By the way, that is a phrase I repeat to myself every day, sometimes several times a day: “Put your life into play, Patrick. Lay it on the line.”)

It seems that Patrick’s best posts come just when I need them most!


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  1. For that Marine poster thing, do you have any idea where to get an image or picture of it online?

    and I love the last quote thing that you repeat to yourself everyday. I think I’m going to try it out too.

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