Earlier this year my daughter and I went white water rafting down a river near Salida, Colorado and I could not help but to compare the river to our lives. Sometimes it was smooth and quiet. Other times it narrowed or was shallow and became swift and unpredictable. Yet other times it had large rocks or boulders that became a danger to anyone who was going down the river. Often large rocks under the water surface caused eddies or currents that also were dangerous to maneuver.

Life can also be smooth and everything going our way, but suddenly things can happen that throws us a curve and it suddenly becomes unpredictable. My wife had her van break down and had to have it towed to the garage with significant financial costs. I recently talked to a man at work whose son was involved in a motorcycle accident and had to be carried by life-flight to the hospital. Things happen so suddenly and it reminds us just how uncertain life can be.

As we maneuver through the river of life, there are unexpected dangers along the way, and just as there are rocks just under the surface that are not visible until we are very near, there are things unseen in life such as sickness or disease and other things that may threaten us at any time.

We had a guide that had maneuvered the river many times and knew where the dangers were and helped us through each one with no incidents or harm to anyone. In the same way we need to take advice from folks who have lived through many of life’s dangers and who have the wisdom to help us in our journey as well.

Of course the greatest guide through life’s journey is the Bible! Much wisdom and advice is given that can and will help us on our trip down life’s river if we will only seek it.

Just something to think about!

Harvey Schultz


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