Looking At Restoration Movement History: Part 11

1866  Isaac Errett (1820-1888) founds the Christian Standard, a liberal voice. The Christian Standard was to come out in favor of the Missionary Society and in favor of instrumental music in the corporate worship of the saints. The Standard today is associated with the independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.

1872 Ben Franklin, writing in the American Christian Review:

 “A mighty torrent of worldliness is now perverting and corrupting the pure and holy worship prescribed and authorized by our Lord Jesus Christ. This worldly and carnal display will send grief home to many hearts of the old saints. Many thousands now living will grieve.”

 A writer in the Christian Standard wrote:

 “No one need be afraid of earning too much money. It is a sin against God to do so, if he gives us the opportunity.”

 John H. Rowe, Franklin’s associate editor wrote:

 “Churches compete in architecture just as ladies compete in the fashions.”

1876 Benjamin Franklin, who opposed the use of instrumental music in worship, counseled those of like persuasion in 1876,

“Say nothing about refusing fellowship or leaving the church, or withdrawing from it. But deliberately and quietly meet in another place, and worship regularly according to the Scriptures. Talk of no new church, ‘second church’ or anything of the kind.”

1877 …we take the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible as our rule of faith and practice. That is, we bind ourselves to believe all that the Bible speaks, and to do all that the Bible enjoins on those who live under the reign of Christ, and we neither bind  ourselves nor ask others to believe or to do anything else of different. From the observance of this fundamental law arises everything which is distinctive in our teaching
and in our observances. From it follows, first, our refusal to be called by any other names than those applied to the followers of Jesus in the New Testament; and that we especially refuse to be called “Campbellites.” Were we to allow ourselves to be called by  any such name, we would to that extent be departing from our rule of faith, and none would be quicker to expose the departure than some who now blame us for not being guilty of it. We call ourselves Christians, or disciples of Christ, and our churches, churches of God, for these are then names given or accepted by our infallible teachers.
      J. W. McGarvey

1878 David Lipscomb, writing in the Gospel Advocate in answer to a complaint from a Texas congregation about integration.
 “We believe it is sinful to have two congregations in the same community for persons of separate and distinct races. That race prejudice would cause trouble in the churches we know. It did this in apostolic days. Not once did the apostles suggest that they should form separate congregations for the different races. But they always admonished them to unity, forbearance, love, and brotherhood in Christ Jesus.”  

1880 “There is no sin more requently and persistently condemned and warned against as  fatally evil in its results by both Christ and the Holy Spirit than that of dividing a church of God.”
      David Lipscomb

1881 Assassination of President James A. Garfield (1831-1881). Educator and minister of the Gospel in the early days of the Churches of Christ on the Western Reserve, from 1852-1863, when he entered Congress. In August, 1860, he shared the pulpit in Alliance, OH, with Alexander Campbell.

1884 Austin McGary (1846-1928) founded The Firm Foundation.


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