Too Old To Cut The Mustard Anymore

Mark Evans tells a story about Alicia Montemayor from Laredo, Texas. At age 74 she had to quit her job to take care of her husband. With time on her hands she started painting “to amuse myself” she said, and at 82 she was still “amusing herself” and had become a very successful artist. To still be working at 74 was quiet an accomplishment, but to start another career at age 74 was a truly outstanding feat.

How often do we see or hear of someone that has retired from God’s service or, for that matter, from society because they think they are too old or for some other reason that they are no longer useful? When we are mature and have much knowledge or wisdom to share is when we could really be able to contribute to the younger generations. All too often I see older folks with all the abilities simply sitting idly by thinking that their usefulness is over. We never receive the benefit that they could give by their wisdom and years of experience.

Of course there is yet another possible reason for their early retirement and that is how they are viewed by others. In other countries and even in America in times past, age was viewed with respect and admiration. Now that has changed to some extent. Now our emphasis is on youth, strength and beauty. People up in age are all too often viewed as over-the-hill and of little value to society.

I remember a song that I heard when I was much younger with the words,

 “I used to be young and full of pep; I could get along and didn’t need no help. But now that I’m old and getting gray, people look at me and say, he’s getting too old, too old, too old to cut the mustard anymore”.

Perhaps our view of age has more to do with why our older, wiser and more experienced folks retire much too early from society.

Just something to think about!

Harvey Schultz


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