“God broke my car this morning”

So when the car starts we do not specifically praise God or think that he has intervened. Nor, when it fails do we (most of us, anyway) curse God or blame some petroleum-covered demon sent by Satan to torment us.

Because we are constantly living upon and in this material world, we have come to depend on the physical laws that govern our existence. We depend on them so fully that we are mostly not conscious of this scientific orientation that guides our behavior.

And if we discovered that these Laws of Nature were suddenly altered or suspended by Divine Whim, we would be very upset. Our world would quite literally be unworkable. When we go to the cardiologist for a procedure, when we add a column of numbers, when we filter sewage into drinking water, when we construct a ten-story building, when we fly cross-country, we want to know that the laws which make these thing possible aren’t going to suddendly be suspended for some ‘higher reason.’

We love the laws of nature, until they turn against us

We actually believe these laws are fairly well immutable, right up until we ask for them to be “muted.” We live every moment as though God will not suspend the laws we depend on, then ask him to suspend them when we need it.

Which forces us to face a difficult question: if God can very well suspend the laws of nature whenever He wants, in what way are these really laws to begin with?

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