On several occasions the lid was left off of our well and an animal, in at least two cases it was a cat, fell in the well and drowned. Some one would come in the house and said, “There is a dead cat in the well!”

We all knew what had to be done and no one looked forward to that. The animal had to be fished out and we would take turns drawing the water out of the well as fast as we could so we could empty as much of the water out as possible. Then we would allow it to fill and then do it all over again until we felt that the water was pure again. 

 After we were finished, there would be a strong admonition given from our parents to keep the top of the well covered to prevent this from happening again. As much as we did not want to go through this again, we occasionally would leave the top unprotected.  As important as our drinking water was it looked like we would be more careful. But boys being boys we had other more important things to think about, such as when we could go play or maybe go fishing.

How many times do we leave our lives or the lives of our children unprotected or unguarded from the dangers of the world that could be even more devastating than a cat in the well? Many things could happen in an unguarded moment that may not have a solution as easy as drawing all contaminated water out of a well! We may take every precaution to protect what we drink or eat from being impure, but think nothing about what we allow to enter our minds and hearts which may be more harmful!   

In Matthew 15:11 the Pharisees had asked Jesus why his disciples did not ceremoniously wash before eating. To this Jesus replied, “What goes into a mans mouth does not make him unclean, but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him unclean.” As important as it is to eat pure food and drink pure water, it is even more important to keep our minds and hearts pure from the things that may harm us eternally!

Just something to think about! 
Harvey Schultz 


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