Render Unto Caesar

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s — just make sure you get a receipt.

A change in the federal income tax laws that went into effect Jan. 1 requires taxpayers to produce proof of any charitable donations — including tithes and offerings at houses of worship — for all donations, even the odd $5 bill thrown in the collection plate without an offering envelope.

Restrictions on Charitable Contributions

Cash contributions.  All cash contributions made in tax years beginning after August 17, 2006, to any qualified charity must be supported by a dated bank record or a dated receipt. The tax year for most individual taxpayers begins on January 1.

Clothing and household items.  Beginning with contributions made after August 17, 2006, no deduction is allowed for most contributions of clothing and household items unless the donated property is in good used condition or better.


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