Religion Is Big Business

“WANTED: Church Administrator/Office Manager. Large Middle Tennessee Church needs business manager to be responsible for personnel, administration, financial management, total program support. Experience neccessary. Salary negotiable.”

This is the type of ad one often sees from some institution or organization in the business world. And that is the type of institution or organization (corporate body) that our modern day “local church” is becoming. It is just more apparent in the larger church operations. These larger church corporations do need a “Church Administrator” or “Office Manager.” The other denominations have had such for years. Any efficiently operated business or institution needs an “Administrator.”

The “Church Administrator” would handle the “financial management” of the corporation, which would include investments in stocks and bonds, savings accounts, rental property, Day Care Center, Mother’s Day Out, Family Life Center, the gymnasium, children’s home, home for the elderly, equipment purchases, building payments, records, and the salaries of all the employees of the Corporation. When a corporation owns $2-$10 million in land and buildings and takes in an income of $1-$3 million per year, that is no small operation. As stated, this employee will be responsible for “total program support.” That is a big responsibility and should demand a high salary.

The above describes the advanced stages, the development and growth, of what our preachers call “the local church,” which they proclaim to be an institution, organization, or corporate body. Religion is big business; even getting that way more and more among Churches of Christ. What else can we expect?  

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2 responses to “Religion Is Big Business

  1. …and to think, that article is from 1986!

  2. David Underwood

    Shannon, you’re last several posts have been outstanding. I couldn’t agree with you more concerning the Lord’s supper. And yes, Keith Brenton ALWAYS knocks it out of the park.

    Church FOR SURE is big business. I just went thru several weeks of meetings to do the budget at Downtown! YUCK! 🙂


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