Teaching as Torah the Talmud of Men

Keith Brenton doesn’t post often, but when he does it is always powerful.

From his latest:

 “When we tell someone the story of Jesus; describe His compassion for others; repeat His teaching about our relationships with God and others; relate His sacrifice as the ultimate innocent for our guilt – do we really have to pound the pulpit? Isn’t The Story powerful enough that it persuades all by itself, though told with the gentlest of tone and the most timid of sociability?

And when we really want to persuade someone of our “rightness” on a particular question of doctrine that does not immediately “sell” itself by its intrinsic qualities, isn’t it then that we find ourselves proof-texting and cross-referencing and committing assault and battery on an innocent lectern?

Isn’t it then that we are tempted to generalize, exceptionalize, rationalize, extemporize and categorize? When the “truth” isn’t so simple, so obvious, so heart-wrenching and will-breaking?

Maybe that’s because what we’re defending is a tradition of men and not necessarily of God.”

Read it all here: http://keithbrenton.blogspot.com/2007/01/teaching-as-torah-talmud-of-men.html



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2 responses to “Teaching as Torah the Talmud of Men

  1. Keith hit the nail on the head with this post. I wish he would post more often like he used to but when he does post, he makes it worth the wait. I know for me personally, I struggle with what is of God and what is of man like he mentioned. Its not always easy!

  2. P.S. Nice blog by the way, enjoying looking thru the archives.

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