Seeking The Old Paths

Recently I passed a “church” building that had on its sign.

“Seeking The Old Paths” and “Using The King James Bible – 1611 Version” 

I wonder if these are the “Old Paths” they seek?

In 1604, King James I authorized a new translation to combat the continued popularity of the Geneva Bible. Archbishop Bancroft was placed in charge of a group of 54 scholars to work on the translation. King James ordered that (among other things) that:

a. eklesia be translated church instead of congregation or assembly. (An attempt to justify the existence of the institutional church of which he was the head)

b. baptizo be transliterated baptism instead of translated immersion (Baptizo with its variations appears 115 times in the New Testament, yet the KJV translators chose not to translate it – The Church of England was practicing sprinkling or pouring at the time)

c. episkopos be translated bishop instead of overseer (Officers of the “Church”)

d. diakonos be transliterated deacon instead of translated servant (Officers of the “Church”)

e. pascha be translated Easter in Acts 12:4 (Easter is an English word derived from a pagan religious festival adopted by the Catholic Church and retained by the Church of England)

Thanks, King James, for clearing all that up!


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