My Creed — Abner Jones (1801)

Of all unscriptural names that are

In christian churches, claim’d so fair,

‘Gainst them I enter my dissent;

On Christ’s sole name my mind is bent.

The church of Rome and England too,

Are names of men, which once were new;

The highly boasted Baptist name,

And Methodist are all the same.

The Presbyterian, polite,

And Universalist so light;

The honest Quaker, thee and thou,

Are merely names of men, I trow.

Disciple, follower, Christian, friend,

For these I equally contend;

With every other scripture sound,

In gospel rule that can he found.

Altho’ these names, I do reject,

Yet those who hold them I respect

As brethren in the Lord of life;

So live in love and quit all strife.

My fellowship in Christ is bound

To all those souls where love is found

Of every order, sect and name–

In Christ I count them all the same.


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