When I was a boy I loved to find a sitting hen’s nest when the chicks were hatching. It was fascinating to me to watch the baby chick emerge and often it was too much of a temptation for me not to help the chick out of its shell. To my disappointment many of the chicks that I helped would not survive or would not be as healthy and strong as the others that had to struggle to break free. In the same way when a butterfly emerges from its cocoon the struggle is necessary to survival.

So many well meaning parents want their children to have a better life than they had, and often this means that they do not want their children to have to work as hard or to face the struggles that they had. I have noticed through the years that often the children who were pampered and given everything they needed or wanted with no effort on their own did not grow up as well as those that did.

Our children, like the chick and the butterfly, need the struggle in order to be strong and to learn the value of work, money and responsibility that is required to live a happy and normal life. We do our children a disservice when we are over-protective and do not allow them to experience some of life’s hardships and disappointments while growing up in the home. However, when they leave the nest and have to face the world unprepared, they find that life is a hard and sometimes cruel taskmaster.

Protecting our children while still allowing them to see the world as it really is will be a blessing even though it may seem hard at the time.  I finally learned not to help the chicks out of their shell, but to simply watch them and allow them the struggle that was necessary for them to live.

Just something to think about!


Harvey Schultz


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