Hell is for …..

It has always been somewhat disconcerting to me to know that there are those within Christendom who seemingly rely upon perfection of perception and practice for their justification and salvation. If we can all just “get it right” in our journey to heaven, we shall be found worthy to enter that eternal realm. Fail to “get it right,” however, and the price is forfeiture of eternal life.

Hell is for those who don’t get the music right in the worship assembly … hell is for those who don’t use the church “treasury” correctly … hell is for those who have Sunday schools … hell is for those who eat in a church building … hell is for those who ______ (well, you fill in the blank).

                                                                                                                               Al Maxey

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One response to “Hell is for …..

  1. hi, al. i have been in the kind of congregations you are talking about for most of my life. it can be frustrating sometimes, for sure. sometimes i find that it makes me more cynical than thankful!

    one thing i do love about our COC background, though, is the deep respect for the Bible and the (at least superficial) encouragement to learn for yourself.

    a lady at our church brings me your writings every few weeks. she prints them out and puts them in a folder for me. i was glad to stumble across your blog!

    come visit mine at http://www.fatkidrecords.com

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