Frequently my friend and brother Harvey Schultz has an essay published in the Baytown Sun. He has agreed to let me share some of those with you here on Lookin’ Fer Learnin’. Here is the first of them. They will always give you “something to think about.”


I have heard all my life that, “You are making a mountain out of a mole hill” or “your making a big deal out of nothing” and other similar phrases. We need to be able to know the difference between what is trivial and what would be a tragedy, what is minor and what is major.

When we reprimand our children when they spill a drink, knock over objects or anything trivial as being a tragedy, then we may make them self-conscience about anything they do and they may not be able to understand what is really important and what is not. They also may become uncomfortable being around their parents fearing that they may make a mistake and be reprimanded for it.

When we treat un-important or minor things as they really are – only trifles, then they can be taught to place proper values on their actions. When this occurs then they will feel comfortable around Mom and Dad since they don’t fear reprisals for insignificant actions.

Patience is so important in dealing with our children, or for that matter any one. One of the reasons that our children grow up to be impatient with others may be that they were not shown patience from their parents or piers. For the most part attitudes are learned, which include patience or the lack thereof.

This is also true in other areas of life including the area of religion. Many young Christians become discouraged and leave their church because of a lack of patience on the part of the older Christians. New converts to the faith may have come from sordid backgrounds and change comes slow to many and if patience and understanding is not used in abundance, these new Christians may also be discouraged and stop trying!

So in any area of life we need to understand what is trivial and what may be a tragedy. What is minor and what is major. What is important and what is not. Patience is the key.

Just something to think about!

Harvey Schultz


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