The Works of Leroy Garrett


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  1. Bobby Davis

    I was “looking for learning” at this web site and found nothing to learn from what I assumed was a preachers web site. I see what is taught in our schools, colleges, national parks, and museums in the form of atheism and wonder where the preachers are!? Evolution and it’s correlary beliefs are rampant in this nation and the preachers say “trust in Jesus” and the “cross” is all that is important. Many within the Church of Christ believe in a form of evolution either progressive or day-age. Ex. 31 states that all things were created by God in six days and the reason for the 4th commandment. Sadly many in the church believe the geologist have it right and the earth/cosmos is billions of years old……..just wave a few scriptures over it makes it alright. SMU, ACU, and Baylor have proffs that will not allow Intelligent design to be discussed on the campus of a “christian college”. Havard and Princeton where once christian universities and now are turning out the new “greeks” (Acts 17) of this world preaching the gospel of atheism.

    It is sad to me that so many “preachers” are silent on this topic and fear division when the house is already divided. Many believe these concepts are side issues but they strike at the very core of the Gospel. Take away original sin and the entrance of death into the world negates the need for a savior.

    So sad!
    Bobby ><

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